On Two Strikes We All Have a Stake In

Two important labor strikes are taking place that we all have a stake in as employers everywhere seek to increase profits on our backs.

Nabisco. “The workers are fighting attacks on work schedules, seniority and overtime pay, increasing health insurance costs, and cuts to pensions. The company wants to start running 12-hour shifts or longer, with overtime pay kicking in only if workers labor more than a 40-hour week, instead of after eight hours a day. Bosses want to eliminate time and a half pay for Saturdays and double time on Sundays. And they want to bring in more non-union temporary workers.” Read more.

Warrior Met Coal. “Under the five-year contract the union agreed to in 2016, several miners told us, the company forced wage cuts, loss of sick days and holidays, higher costs for health care, no overtime pay until after 40 hours work, widening wage gaps between job classifications, loss of paid lunches, forced Sunday work, increased use of outside contractors, and attempts to shortcut safety to speed up production, along with other measures.” Read more.

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