On Today’s House Abortion Vote

A small battle was won today, but hardly the war. Still I'll take a victory when we can get one. The U.S. House of Representatives today voted to legalize abortion nationwide. Under the Women’s Health Protection Act, abortion would be legal up to the point of fetal viability. In keeping with the Supreme Court rulings … Continue reading On Today’s House Abortion Vote

On Climate Change & Capitalism

By now it should be impossible to deny climate change. There’s always been occasional extreme weather, but now “extreme” is becoming routine. I frankly believe it’s impossible to address this global challenge under capitalism. The demands of short-term profit will block any real chance of making the massive changes necessary. And I guarantee any attempts … Continue reading On Climate Change & Capitalism

On the Texas Attack Against Women & Abortion Rights

A new Texas law took effect today, a brute-force frontal attack against women by depriving them any reasonable exercise of their right to abortion. The law bans all abortions at 6 weeks following a woman's last menstrual period, not the point of conception. In practical terms the prohibition can take effect in even less than … Continue reading On the Texas Attack Against Women & Abortion Rights