On Manchin’s BS About an “Entitlement Mentality”

Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) is fighting to rein in the $3.5 trillion American Families Plan that’s said to cover such things as adding dental, vision and hearing coverage to Medicare; childcare for working families; community college tuition; 12 weeks of guaranteed paid parental, family and personal illness/safe leave; Obamacare subsidies, etc. Manchin says he doesn’t want “to change our whole society to an entitlement mentality.”

Well, I have news for Manchin. It’s too late. We already have an entrenched “entitlement mentality” — among the super-rich, the 1%, the ruling class… pick your term of preference. The ruling class is a few hundred ultra-rich families living their off “entitlement,” which is the surplus value they gain by paying workers pennies on the dollar for all that workers — that we — produce. These people wouldn’t have toilet paper, food on the table, heat & AC in their homes, yachts to sail or private jets to fly without the labor of workers to produce it all — workers that are under-paid with insufficient insurance, job related injuries and illnesses, and worse.

Now I don’t say this to support the Democrats over the Republicans. Biden’s American Families Plan barely scratches the surface of need. Mostly Democrats want to give up just enough to bamboozle workers and keep the heat off. The Democrats are no more “socialist” than the Republicans, all the GOP’s hot-air rhetoric to the contrary notwithstanding.

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