On Waking to Woke Madness

Up till now I’ve largely dismissed all the fuss about “wokeness” and people who are supposedly “woke.” It’s struck me as a too-easy smackdown against people who mean well and are developing some level of social consciousness, but who haven’t yet developed a clear class consciousness. A lot of people haven’t yet. I don’t think the attacks will help in bringing them along to a higher consciousness.

Now, however, things have reached a point that even I — a sincere backer of transgender rights — just can’t stomach. Case in point, these screenshots from the Healthline website on HPV (human papillomavirus) illustrate a dangerous absurdity that’s rapidly becoming too widespread.

HPV in Men

If Healthline meant “Volvo Owners” I’d be fine. But of course they don’t mean the car. As I discussed last month in my other blog (see For the Record: On ‘Bodies With Vaginas’) the legitimate effort to recognize and accommodate transgender women’s rights has evolved into an attack against cisgender women. Cisgender women are being erased as such and made generic “people,” indistinct from others, and separated from their identities and history. This undermines everything the women’s movement has fought for and won over the decades. I touch on some of the implications and consequences in my blog post cited above.

Speaking for myself and many other people with penises, this needs to stop.

A 1914 photo from the Women’s Suffragist Movement modified to comply with the latest woke requirements.

Suffragist photo by the Suffrage Daily News has been altered for to illustrate an editorial point. The image is used under Creative Commons license.

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