On Girl Punished for Reporting Sexual Assault

I posted Sunday on Facebook about a high school freshman in North Carolina who was suspended after reporting that she’d been sexually assaulted on school grounds by a male student. This repeats and updates that post.

Sunday Post

WTF. This is unbelievable… I read today at Vice News about a high school freshman who reported that a boy was sexually harassing her. He confronted her in the girl’s room, pushed her into a stall and groped her. He confessed to the police and he is being charged with sexual battery. So far, so good… But the school is claiming there’s no evidence and now the girl is suspended for filing a false report (!). She’s also required to attend a class called “Sexual Harassment is Preventable.” School officials and board members won’t talk to the local TV station, one saying she couldn’t talk because she had to eat her lunch.

Thursday Update

I Googled this morning looking for updates. I see that back on November 3rd students had walked out over the incident and the school administration’s retaliation against the assault victim.

Source: Twitter

But I also saw that Principal Diann Weston and Assistant Principal Nina Adams were suspended with pay on Tuesday pending an investigation. Students and parents descended on the school board this week with complaints about repeated incidents of sexual harassment and assault at the school which the administration has failed to address.

Perplexing and very disturbing.

I’ll monitor this and post updates.

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