On Immigration

The lead article in today’s New York Times caught my attention, “Contending With the Pandemic, Wealthy Nations Wage Global Battle for Migrants.” It stated,

In Germany, where officials recently warned that the country needs 400,000 new immigrants a year to fill jobs in fields ranging from academia to air-conditioning, a new Immigration Act offers accelerated work visas and six months to visit and find a job.

Canada plans to give residency to 1.2 million new immigrants by 2023. Israel recently finalized a deal to bring health care workers from Nepal. And in Australia, where mines, hospitals and pubs are all short-handed after nearly two years with a closed border, the government intends to roughly double the number of immigrants it allows into the country over the next year.

These and other examples seem in sharp contrast to the U.S. where there’s strong hostility to immigration in some sectors. Some people are afraid they’ll be weakened by people who are “different” — races, religions, native languages and traditions.

Just the opposite! It makes us stronger. The U.S. working class is more diverse and integrated today than ever before in history, and with this diversity come the experiences, insights, lessons and perspectives all these people can share with us. This helps give the working class a global perspective.

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