On Canceling Chris Cuomo

Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook page with this statement: "I’m not necessarily defending Chris Cuomo, whatever he might be guilty of — but that’s just it: we don’t really know anything. But the erasing has begun regardless." This triggered a discussion that showed signs it might get a little heated, which I'm trying … Continue reading On Canceling Chris Cuomo

On Kellogg’s Workers Rejecting Company Contract Offer

Screenshot from NBC's Today Show. Kellogg’s workers have rightfully rejected a paltry offer from management. From Food Business News: “Adjusted operating profit in North America was $334 million in the third quarter, up 4% from $321 million in the same period a year ago. Sales were virtually unchanged year over year, decreasing only slightly to … Continue reading On Kellogg’s Workers Rejecting Company Contract Offer