On Canceling Chris Cuomo

Yesterday I posted this on my Facebook page with this statement: “I’m not necessarily defending Chris Cuomo, whatever he might be guilty of — but that’s just it: we don’t really know anything. But the erasing has begun regardless.”

This triggered a discussion that showed signs it might get a little heated, which I’m trying to avoid on Facebook given the broad diversity of my friends there. With the consent of the main participants in that discussion I’ve moved it over here to this blog. I’m deleting the original from Facebook.

The discussion transcript follows. I’ve used first names only. It can end here if people want. There’s no requirement that anyone say more but all are welcome to, including newcomers who haven’t spoken yet. I only ask that we remain civil and respectful of one another.

This issues touched on here — canceling, erasing, etc. — are important. At some point I may delve into these in greater depth on my main blog, Just Sayin’ 3.0.

The Facebook Discussion


The Inquisition.


Writing speeches for his predator brother, with CNN approval, then lying to CNN about using his connections to research Christmas Girl, one of Gov Coumo accusers, is probably enough.

Me – to Brad

So am I to assume you’re OK that Trump has been thrown off Facebook & Twitter? (Something I’ve never posted any comment or blog entry supporting.)

Brad – to Me

no not at all. But if it is good enough for Trump, then it is good enough for that lying pos Cuomo. Unlike Trump, Chris actually could be held liable for his actions.

Me – to Brad

Actually you’ve made my point. “But if it is good enough for Trump, then…” It should not have happened to Trump and it shouldn’t be happening to Cuomo now. Anyone could be next. You. Me. Anyone. It’s a downward spiral where everyone loses. If Cuomo or Trump are guilty of whatever, they should be held accountable. How, when and if that happens we don’t know yet. But silencing, erasing or canceling people of any persuasion is a slippery slope that won’t end well.

Brad – to Me

I agree with you, but that is not the culture we live in now. Coumo can go to any of the other dozens of publishing houses and get a book published. He could even self publish if he feels like it. Canceling a book from 1 publisher is not the same as being banned from Twitter and Facebook just because a ceo dislikes someone’s politics. This is why other media sites are popping up in what is called the parallel economy.

The left has destroyed the notion of grace and redemption. Just go to Instagram and post Kyle Rittenhouse is a free man and see how long it takes for you to get a warning saying this goes against their terms of service.

Cheryl – to Brad

It sounds like you would blame the “left” for anything and your hatred for the “left” can never be overcome by logic. Making every decision by classifying someone as being either “left” or “right” is very concerning to me.

Brad – to Cheryl

This cancel culture is uniquely a left wing problem. Name 1 person who the right has canceled. I’m hard pressed to think of one. Who canceled Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben’s? Who canceled Crissy Teigan? Who protests having Ben Shipiro from speaking at a university? Who literally beats a photographer who is taking pictures of a BLM riot? Who got Kyle Rittenhouse kicked put of ASU for just being online. Not even in person. Who kicked Dr’s offline for daring to state that Covid vaccine is not as effective as was originally promised? Who lied to everyone about the disproven Trump/Russia collusion? Who lied about Brett Kavanagh rape gang allegations, who said Bidens 3.5 Trillion plan would not cost anything, even though the CBO said that was a lie. That’s all I will list for now, but you get the idea, I hope. It is not always about left or right, but right and wrong.

Cheryl – to Brad

Actually I could come up with a bunch, like Colin Kaepernick. The right wing wants to cancel culture by erasing history, encouraging lawlessness and muting speech they don’t agree with. So, no, it is not a left wing thing. And the rest is just too much to unpack in one reply. Happy Holidays Brad. You seem like a bright guy who is passionate about politics. I only wish you would explore some other media sources and opinions.

Me – to Cheryl & Brad

Thanks. Interesting points. To the both of you, Brad & Cheryl: With your permission I’ll copy all this to the blog and you can continue there. Others might join in too. It’s a worthy subject. Please let me know, yes or no.

Both Brad & Cheryl agreed to move from Facebook to here, and we had a few exchanges regarding the technicalities. Then each added a few final comments:

Brad – to Cheryl

I would advise you to rethink this. Collin Kaepernick is beloved by the media and is by no means canceled. Who is removing statues and rewriting history with provable wrong 1619 project. Who encourages lawlessness with BLM, ANTIFA, and defend the police votes. I hope you enjoy the holidays as well.

Brad – to Cheryl (& Me?)

1 more thing. Can you refer me to a news source that didn’t call Nicholas Sandman a racist, or Kyle Rittenhouse a white supremacist, or didn’t didn’t lie about the Trump/Russia scam? If you find one, please let me know.

Me – to Brad

Well, I’ll link to two posts on my blog that meet both these criteria! 🙂  In particular with respect to Sandmann, I dissected that encounter thoroughly and showed how he was profiled.

These are the two blog posts I was referring to:

◼︎ On Sandmann
A Teaching Moment

◼︎ On Rittenhouse
Courting Tragedy: Reflecting on the Rittenhouse and Arbrey Trials

Correction: I’ve fixed one comment above that was originally attributed to the wrong person.

Those who wish are invited and welcome to add additional comments below. Thanks!

All comments are welcome. I only ask that we remain civil and respectful of one another. If you clicked over from Facebook, please comment here rather than back there.

One thought on “On Canceling Chris Cuomo

  1. Brad, I was reading an article today in the New York Times that led me to recall your challenge earlier when you wrote “This cancel culture is uniquely a left wing problem. Name 1 person who the right has canceled. I’m hard pressed to think of one.”

    The article headlined ‘A Law, an Email and a Furor Over Curriculums’ described an effort in Texas to limit books available in school libraries. State Representative Matt Krause, a Republican, has written school superintendents challenging 850 books. Krause’s challenge has aroused conservatives to descend on school board meetings. To avoid threats and hassle, some superintendents have chosen to acquiesce and pull the books.

    The Times article links to other articles, which in turn link to others. As you follow these from article to article a picture is painted of conservative and rightist canceling efforts. Topics and speakers most often censored or canceled address race, slavery and LGBT issues.

    Again in Texas, the Bullock Texas State History Museum was forced to cancel an appearance by authors of “Forget the Alamo,” a book about slaveholding combatants. The effort was led by Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and other Republican leaders. Jerry Craft, who has earned several awards for children’s stories about Black boys dealing with race issues — “New Kid” and “Class Act” — was banned from speaking at Roosevelt Alexander Elementary School in Katy, Texas. Local prosecutors in Wyoming are considering charging librarians for having books in the library’s collection that include information about reproduction, sex, or being gay. The books were flagged by conservative parents and local religious leaders in Campbell County, Wyoming.

    The American Library Association has stated that 273 books were targeted for banning by legislative efforts around the country in 2020. In York County, Pennsylvania, students launched a protest after teachers were prohibited from using hundreds of books, documentary films and articles in their curriculums. The banned materials included the James Baldwin documentary “I am not Your Negro” and “The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross,” a 6-part PBS documentary. Also banned were the children’s books including “A Boy Called Bat” about a third grader with autism, “I Am Rosa Parks,” and “Cece Loves Science” about a curious girl who loves experiments. In response to protests the school board initially affirmed its ban but later lifted it… for now.

    This year’s CPAC canceled a planned speaker because of anti-Semitic comments. Lest we see anything positive in this, that didn’t prevent Congressman Paul Gosar from speaking with claims that the violence in Charlottesville was funded by George Soros, a classic anti-Semitic trope.

    Then of course there are Trump’s calls to cancel people — perhaps most notably, Biden — but specifically I’m referring to Colin Kaepernick (mentioned by Cheryl) and other NFL players who kneel during the National Anthem. The cancellations aren’t officially invoked, but Kaepernick was never seriously considered by any team again. He admittedly wasn’t the best player in the NFL, but he certainly wasn’t the worst either. He was canceled.

    Canceling is wrong whoever does it. Nothing here is meant to justify it when done by the left. The point is only that the right does it as well, and there are ample case points. This is just a sampling.

    Sources include:

    A Law, an Email and a Furor Over Curriculums
    New York Times

    Texas school district cancels Black author’s visit, pulls books over race fears

    State museum canceled book event examining slavery’s role in Battle of the Alamo after Texas GOP leaders complained, authors say
    The Texas Tribune

    Authors of color speak out against efforts to ban books on race
    ABC News

    CPAC Cancels Speaker at ‘America Uncanceled’ Conference
    The Intelligencer

    How Students Fought a Book Ban and Won, for Now
    New York Times

    RNC speakers come out against ‘cancel culture,’ unless Trump does the canceling
    Yahoo News

    Wyoming librarians may face criminal charges for stocking LGBTQ books


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