On Kellogg’s Lawsuit Against Striking Workers

I support the striking Kellogg’s workers against attacks by the company. So-called “replacement workers” is a euphemism for scabs. Blocking scabs from working and preventing trucks from leaving plants is a proud tradition of labor. Kellogg’s suit against the union is a sign of the company’s weakness. All comments are welcome. I only ask that … Continue reading On Kellogg’s Lawsuit Against Striking Workers

On Good News for Workers

Workers in the United States, Canada and elsewhere are fighting in increasing numbers for better wages, working conditions, benefits and safety. This is good for all workers and all of us. The ruling class is taking notice as evidenced by a report tonight on NBC Nightly News. Click here to view NBC report Over 10,000 … Continue reading On Good News for Workers

On Two Strikes We All Have a Stake In

Two important labor strikes are taking place that we all have a stake in as employers everywhere seek to increase profits on our backs. Nabisco. "The workers are fighting attacks on work schedules, seniority and overtime pay, increasing health insurance costs, and cuts to pensions. The company wants to start running 12-hour shifts or longer, … Continue reading On Two Strikes We All Have a Stake In