On Defunding the Police

I read an excellent article this week — 'The working-class road forward in tackling crime and cop violence' — that discussed the call for defunding the police. This demand has been heard frequently since George Floyd's killing, raised by assorted leftists, liberals and even some public officials like AOC and "the squad." I've always thought … Continue reading On Defunding the Police

On Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

Facebook Post It's popular wisdom that the enhanced unemployment benefits under COVID relief are inhibiting economic recovery. As the thinking goes, people are lazy and choosing not to work because they make more per month from their unemployment insurance. There's some evidence that enhanced benefits are actually not stopping people from seeking work, but can … Continue reading On Enhanced Unemployment Benefits

On Liz Cheney & the Vicious Circle

It's quite the spectacle watching Republicans eat their own with the ouster of Liz Cheney — a new milestone in the deepening disintegration of the two parties and mainstream politics in general. I know it seems like the GOP is uniquely fucked up, to be blunt, but the Democrats have their own problems. Does anyone … Continue reading On Liz Cheney & the Vicious Circle

On Thomas Sankara: “Africa’s Che Guevera”

I was glancing through WordPress this afternoon, the service that hosts my two blogs, when I was pleased to stumble upon a post about Thomas Sankara (see below). You don't see Sankara mentioned often — which is our loss. He was a remarkable man and leader. Sankara led a popular revolutionary government in Africa's Burkina … Continue reading On Thomas Sankara: “Africa’s Che Guevera”

On Biden’s Jobs Bill

President Biden is proposing a $2 trillion American Jobs Plan. Sounds good and it calls for things like roads and bridges, which we need. But will it work? Has any bill for jobs and infrastructure in our lifetimes fundamentally changed the perpetual crisis of unemployment, underemployment, low wages and poor benefits? No. And neither will … Continue reading On Biden’s Jobs Bill